Monday, February 16, 2009

If You Were God, Would You Create a Universe? The World? Mankind?

In fact, why would you make Something, where there was Nothing?

Why would you bother? See, as God you would be self-sufficient, self-existent, self-contained, self-defined, yes? Needing nothing, wanting nothing, lacking nothing. All powerful, all knowing, all present. Eternal and Infinite. Infallible and Perfect.

Then why create something as finite and terminable and imperfect as the Universe? As an experiment, perhaps, a cosmic chess game? Just to see what would happen, as little galaxies collide and tiny suns explode and dust-speck planets coallesce and bacterial creatures like humans emerge? You wouldn’t need such trifling diversions. Not if you were Almighty God.

And why create something as fallible and fleeting as Man? For companionship? A thing to love? A life-form to worship you? To grant existence to a cognizant being who would be awestruck by your creations? A steward for planet Earth? You wouldn’t need such a trifling diversion as mankind, not if you were Almighty God.

Moreover, would you – in your absolute perfection -- create such a pathetically doomed species as Man as your crowning achievement? Look closely: here’s a creature that, according to The Bible, is an utter failure. A species drenched in war blood and defined by absurdity and catastrophic self-interest. The very first human (Adam) failed miserably and his impulsive stupidity ruined and condemned every human since, Genesis says. So wretchedly wicked were Adam’s descendants that God later had to kill everyone on the planet in a great flood.

Would you have created such a species? Why create them if you’re just going to wipe them out? Would you, as god, not create a new and improved crowning achievement, made “in your image”?

Being omniscient, would you create a species endowed with such an overwhelming chance of living in poverty, ignorance, disease, hunger, suffering? Most of whom – after a miserable existence – would die waving a ticket to Hell, where their anguish would continue eternally?

Better for most of mankind to never have existed at all, yes? No people, no suffering. Many good clean Christians will tell you that Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Athiests, Mormons, Buddhists, Scientologists et al -- by virtue of their disbelief in Jesus’ divinity -- have no chance of an afterlife with God, and will simply end up in Hell. Imagine being a Jew, slowly starving in a Nazi concentration camp, only to wake up after death in Hell. Except for the geography, you wouldn’t know the difference.

Now then, kids; if you were god, would you create such a Universe, such a species as Man? Would you need to, or want to? You tell me…

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