Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Followup on Noah's Flood: Was God Dimwitted?

If you were God, and you went to the trouble of slaughtering all but Noah and his family, would you then encourage the same dumb wicked species to re-populate the planet? "...be fruitful and multiply," God tells Noah and the animals after the flood waters recede.

Look closely: Let's say you're a cat lover. You have a male and a female in your house. They breed. Then their offspring breed and keep breeding and so on. And they're nothing but a disappointment, these cats of yours. The little bastards claw the furniture, puke in every corner, steal each others' food, hiss and piss and yowl. "Quit breeding so much," you tell them. "Quit fighting. Quit fouling the place. Share your food and quit making so much goddamn noise." But they ignore you - because their nature is to ignore you, after all - and one day you've plain had it with the lot of them.

So, except for your favorite male and female, you tie up all the others in bags and throw them into the river. Problem solved, yes?

Ah yes. And there you are later in your clean quiet house -- with two cats in the yard -- and you tell them, "be fruitful and multiply"...?

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